Think[box] takes students out of the box

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - It is the largest, university-based, 50,000 square feet strong, innovation and entrepreneurship center in the country.

Think[box], on the campus of Case Western Reserve University, according to think[box] co-founder and manager Ian Charnas, is launching student ideas into success, "Think[box] is a space that you can use to make your dreams into reality."

Charnas can barely contain his enthusiasm when he talks about what is available here, from the 3-D scanners to the 3-D printers to the multiple laser cutters, "Whatever you need to make stuff, we've got it," he said.

Jeff Duerk, the Dean of the School of Engineering, was one of the visionaries of think[box], and he realized students were looking for opportunity, an opportunity to create. "What do students today need to take those ideas and get them in their hands, to really take the idea of what the next generation of products are going to be and how to actually achieve them."

And the think[box] creators have not been disappointed. There is a terrific energy and vibe here. "It's a lot more exciting to learn Differential Calculus if you're working on a project where you really need to know it. All of a sudden when you need to know it and someone's not just making you know it, you remember that knowledge," Charnas said.

The University sees this space as an economic driver, it's one reason, according to Duerk, it is open, free to the public, "By making it available to everybody we could create more collisions, more opportunity for interaction to find that next employee that you need or that next collaborator or idea," he said.

Think[box] ties it all together, by including office space for business and law students to collaborate with the engineering, art, science and med students to bring ideas to market.

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