Woman gets $10,000 refund after 'Orlo Wants to Know' gets involved

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Krystle Smith lost thousands of dollars after using a debit card that had a large balance.

She believes she was the victim of a "skimmer." A skimmer is a device that thieves attach to gas pumps or other devices people use to scan their credit or debit cards.

Smith's card was issued by a company called Green Dot. She contacted the company but was not satisfied. The company said it did an investigation
and found the charges were authorized. She says they were not.

The record supported her claim. Charges were made at the same time in multiple states.

Krystle came to Cleveland 19 and got "Orlo Wants to Know" involved. After our inquiries to Green Dot, Krystle was notified she'd be getting a refund. It took more than two weeks, but she received a check in the mail on Tuesday.

To its credit, Green Dot noted that after questions were raised, a supervisor reviewed the documentation and issued the refund. Krystle is now pleased that the company did what it did. The money was cash she was saving to buy her recently deceased grandmother's home.

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