Do you have Unclaimed Funds?

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - The state of Ohio currently has about $2.6 billion of unclaimed funds in its possession.

A lot of the money is from pensions that were never collected. Other unclaimed cash includes heirs to estates, leftover money from 401(k) accounts, money awarded in lawsuits and unclaimed payroll checks.

If you think you have some money just sitting there, the state of Ohio wants to help.

Cleveland 19 News is dedicating every newscast today, May 4th to helping viewers find Unclaimed Funds from the State of Ohio.

Also, we'll have the names of many people with unclaimed funds from the state scrolling across across the bottom of our screen.

Do a free search on the state of Ohio's website to find out if you have unclaimed funds. The state's website will redirect you to -- a safe third party service contracted by the state.

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