Police report surge in Shaker Heights bike thefts

SHAKER HEIGHTS, OH (WOIO) - With the sunshine and warmer weather comes a warning from police in the suburbs.

The Shaker Heights police department is reminding people to lock up their homes and garages after a series of bicycle thefts.

According to police reports, a motorcycle and a bike were stolen from a garage on Stoer Road on March 15. The same day, police found the motorcycle a few houses down from where it was reported stolen. The motorcycle was discovered under a grill cover in the back yard, according to reports.

On March 16, Candace Martin said that someone broke into her garage on Scottsdale Boulevard and stole all of her family's new bikes.

"They were nice 24-inch bikes, never rode before. I looked around and noticed all five of them were gone. I felt violated, not to say I feel safe in Shaker, but I hate that had to happen," said Martin.

On March 21, two bikes were stolen from a garage on Scottsdale Boulevard.

Frank Hall owns Bicycle Boulevard in Shaker Heights. He says when the weather warms up bike thefts become more common.

"At the beginning of the season people may steal bicycles," said Hall.

Hall said he's keeping an eye out for anyone who may bring a stolen bike in for repair, but in the meantime he suggests that people secure their bikes, even inside the garage. Hall recommends using a U lock or a cable lock. Residents are encouraged to call the Shaker Heights police department if they see anything suspicious.

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