Saucisson: New butcher shop thriving in Slavic Village

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Saucisson, a new restaurant in Slavic Village, opened its doors to the public three weeks ago and has been going strong ever since.

Owners of the fully functioning butcher shop boasts of using only the highest quality local meat in everything they cook and sell.

"We are restaurant chefs that turned into butchers," said co-owner Penny Barend. "We were both restaurant chefs, so we were super passionate about food. We worked in very meat centric places."

"Just because we are women, doesn't mean we are limited in what we are doing," co-owner Melissa Khoury said.

With only three employees to date -- Saucisson is running like a well-oiled machine.

Their products include a Sandwich of the Day, Hot Soup, Beef Bark (jerky) and Charcuterie boards for enjoyment to eat in, or to go.

The restaurant sells both fresh and frozen meats and lard. One of the newest items on the menu are cookies, made from the lard of pigs.

In addition to the tasty daily selections, Saucisson offers sausage making classes as well.

The lady butchers got their start going from farmer's market to farmer's market.

"There's been some cool articles out about how women make better butchers because of our attention to detail is great, but also our ability to talk about it and share what we are doing," added Barend.

"This building in particular, it's kind of romantic that it was a butcher shop. We wanted to be part of a neighborhood," Khoury added.

"I'm smiling and I have this energy because you can feel it, and everyone can feel it. This looks good," Anthony Trzaska, Developer said.

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