Here's why Quicken Loans Arena is adding a 'Quiet Space' for fans

Here's why Quicken Loans Arena is adding a 'Quiet Space' for fans

DOWNTOWN CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Quicken Loans Arena has made a new move to accommodate all of its guests, especially those with sensory challenges.

The "Quiet Space" is a new addition to the arena that provides a calming area for people with autism, PTSD, dementia, and other sensory sensitive disorders. The space includes a sensory room and a nursing room.

Dr. Julian Maha is the founder of KultureCity, the company who helped create the room. Maha travels around the country creating these spaces and he knows how important they. His son is autistic.

"Whoever that person is has the ability to step out of whatever situation they're in, whether it be a game or a concert, and come into this place which is a safe environment. They can kind of take that time to really deal with whatever is causing them that stress at that moment, and really kind of use the things in this room to calm themselves down," said Maha.

Guests can also check out sensory bags for free to use during the game. Inside there are noise-canceling headphones, fidget toys, and a card that allows those who are non-verbal to express themselves.

"There are no other teams in the league that have sensory bags or sensory rooms," said Patrick Scanlon, Director of Guest Services.

Maha said the effort brings a new meaning to "All In."

"All in really means all in you need to serve everyone in your community, regardless of their ability," said Maha.

Scanlon said the NBA recently showed interested in making the sensory room service available in for every fan in arenas across the county.

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