Cedar Point teases coaster with new video

Cedar Point teases coaster with new video

SANDUSKY, OH (WOIO) - As speculation coasted in recently on social media, a new Twitter video from Cedar Point is providing a little more support to those claims.

Cedar Point tweeted a video on Saturday afternoon which potentially highlights a new roller coaster, or at least the makeover of a previously "closed" roller coaster.

The tweet only says, "#TheyreComing," and features a video that appears to show the frame of Mean Streak, which was previously announced as extinct in 2016, with new hybrid-style metal tracks weaving through the coaster's skeleton.

A separate Twitter account that has surfaced recently also seems to provide additional proof that a new coaster is in the works. The account @NewMeanStreak, claims it is not affiliated with Cedar Point, but features several photos of the wooden Mean Streak skeleton with the metal track installed.

Hopefully, this is not an April Fool's Day joke from Cedar Point. The wooden coaster has been around since 1991, and held the records for tallest lift and longest drop for a wooden roller coaster. When Cedar Point announced last year that they were going to close the roller coaster and send it to the "coaster graveyard," many amusement park enthusiasts were upset and sad about the news.

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