Discipline of teacher who shoved 9-year-old student kept secret

SHELBY, OH (WOIO) - The parents of a 9-year-old student in the Shelby, Ohio district were upset when a school video showed a teacher roughly push their son through a door and into the hallway. The boy falls to the floor and slides on his backside several feet. It is a video that is painful to watch.

After the parents complained, the teacher was put on paid administrative leave, and at this week's Board of Education meeting, it was announced that he was back on the job. No mention of how it was handled, which triggered a firestorm against the boy's parents on social media. According to his father Ryan Schroeder, "It's escalated that we are bad parents, my son's a deviant child who probably deserved this." He and his wife were kept in the dark about how the incident was resolved.

To get an answer for them reporter, Paul Orlousky went to the Board of Education offices to look at teacher Bob DeLauder's disciplinary file. A letter in it shows he was suspended for four days without pay ending this week, and must complete a class regarding discipline and classroom management. Ryan says that was the first official notice he and his wife have gotten.

Orlousky asked to speak to Superintendent Tim Tarvin, but was told he was in negotiations. Orlousky noted Tarvin had time to have lunch brought in, but not to explain for the record how the matter was handled. Instead he had a press release from the President of the Board of Education sent to Orlousky. No mention of discipline in it either.

The situation is upsetting to the Schroeders. "We're looking for Mister Tarvin to give us like a public announcement that describes the disciplinary action and describe to us how he totally mishandled this whole matter."

A troubling part of the story is the Schroeders' claim that Superintendent Tarvin announced to a school board meeting that Orlousky never attempted to contact the district for the original story. Video of Orlousky at the Board offices handing contact information to a secretary was included in that report. The secretary said, "We're not able to have cameras in here recording."

Bottom line, the Schroeders believe this could have been handled 6 weeks ago had Superintendent Tarvin arranged a meeting with DeLauder, something that happened this week according to Ryan Schroeder. "I heard the apology and actually I had my son apologize to him." He says he has no problem with DeLauder now. Superintendent Tarvin, well that's another story.

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