New traffic pattern meant to cut down on dangerous driving and help emergency vehicles

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Beginning Saturday, drivers on a stretch of West 130th Street will see a change in the traffic pattern that is meant to help cut out dangerous drivers and ease congestion.

A construction project that began approximately a month ago along West 130th Street between Brookpark Road and Bellaire Road limited traffic to only travel in the northbound direction. Even though traffic was one-way, Cleveland 19 reporter Paul Orlousky highlighted the problem with drivers continuing to drive against the flow and into oncoming traffic.

On April 1st, the traffic direction was reversed, and drivers will now only be able to travel in the southbound direction. The change was made because of safety concerns from the Cleveland Police and Fire departments.

Ward 16 Councilman Brian Kazy acknowledged the situation. He said, "I know the reconstruction of this major thoroughfare is an inconvenience to residents and businesses. And changing the flow so soon is also confusing. But by having the traffic flow south enables police, fire and EMS forces to get to the residents and businesses."

The change to the traffic pattern will hopefully alleviate residents in nearly 2000 homes along the stretch of West 130th Street. Previously, residents and emergency vehicles had to take a more than 3-mile detour.

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