Parents: should you say yes to a clinical trial for your child?

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Medicine has come such a long way - but believe it or not, there are still many rare childhood diseases out there that doctors have limited information on. You may or may not know that 50 percent of the medications prescribed for children have not actually been studied in children.

"One of the challenges in Peds is that we take care of a lot of kids with relatively rare diseases, and so, we don't always have good therapies, or the therapies used in adults have not been studied in children," said Dr. Katherine Dell, Director of Clinical and Translational Research for Pediatrics at the Cleveland Clinic.

That's where clinical trials come in - the groundbreaking research they can provide can improve and save lives, but would you let your child be a part of one?

Dr. Dell, who specializes in kidney research at the Cleveland Clinic, says you should consider a clinical trial for your child if your doctor asks if your child would be a part of one, but ask your doctor lots of questions.

"In terms of participating, every study is different. So, one of the important things is to talk to your doctor and talk to the doctor who is running the study, and ask questions like, 'how long will my child be in the study, will they have to have certain things done to them? Will those hurt? How much blood will they draw?' And try to understand why this study is being done and why it is important to do the study."

Dr. Dell says, consider any risks, but in the long run - a clinical trial could provide life saving information and treatment for your child and other children in years to come.

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