A look at how the state of Ohio ensures rider safety at Cedar Point

SANDUSKY, OH (WOIO) - Security is a top concern at Cedar Point, according to the park's corporate vice president of security and engineering.

"We are across the company now installing metal detectors so that risk is being addressed," said Monty Jasper. "We're constantly looking at the changing environment that we live in and operating in and we're taking procedures and adjusting making adjustments as we go forward."

The concern for safety doesn't stop on the ground, it stretches to all of the rides in the park.

"Nobody wants a bad safety record. The tourism that this draws in -- they want to maintain as high a safety record as they possibly can," said David Daniels, director of the Ohio Department of Agriculture.

Daniels said that each ride is inspected by the state at least twice a year. The department of Agriculture has eight ride inspectors that travel around the state to look at rides in both stationary permanent parks and traveling carnivals.

Ride inspector Ron Dean said it takes several inspectors several hours to properly inspect a single roller coaster -- if there aren't any issues and the weather cooperates. Dean said that inspectors look at things like making sure bolts are properly fastened down and computer systems are working properly.

"We really are not here to write violations, we want to make sure that things are assembled and working properly," said Dean. "We really want to work with these guys."

Dean also said it is rare to find issues with the rides at Cedar Point.

Cleveland 19 asked Daniels if eight inspectors for the entire state is enough.

"Right now we're meeting the obligations that we've got. As these things become more and more popular, as they add more and more we may end up having to add more inspectors, but right now we're meeting our obligations to make sure that these rides are getting the inspections that they're required to have," said Daniels.

Jasper said the amusement industry, generally, is safe.

"You think about it, you get in your car and drive down the freeway, you're taking a far bigger risk than riding any of these amusement rides in any of our parks in Ohio," he said.

Cedar Point opens for the season May 6.

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