Authorities say man killed in Lake County SWAT had opened door with handgun

Deadly standoff in Lake County. (Source: WOIO)
Deadly standoff in Lake County. (Source: WOIO)
Deadly standoff in Lake County. (Source: WOIO)
Deadly standoff in Lake County. (Source: WOIO)

MADISON TOWNSHIP, OH (WOIO) - According to the Lake County Sheriff's Office, SWAT teams were called to a Lake County home late Wednesday evening for a barricade situation.

"Mr. Ailstock opened the front door with a handgun," said Lake County Sheriff Daniel A. Dunlap. "This is the type of situation every officer dreads."

At 11:30 p.m. Wednesday, the Lake County SWAT team responded to a home on Hazel Avenue in Madison Township. Benjamin Ailstock had barricaded himself inside. The standoff lasted through the night and police remained on scene early Thursday morning.

Police made numerous attempts to contact Ailstock and he did not respond. At one point Ailstock tried to leave the house. He dropped a fully loaded shotgun out of the window but for some reason he went back in. Police retrieved the gun and continued to try to contact him.

Then, after nearly 6 1/2 hours of trying to get in contact with Ailstock he came back out the front door brandishing a handgun and ran towards an armored vehicle.

"As Mr. As Ailstock raised his hands or lowered them -- they were basically all over the place. He was shot twice. EMS immediately rendered services he was transported to the hospital where he was pronounced dead," said Sheriff Dunlap.

His wife called police reporting they were in a fight that turned physical.

Turns out Ailstock has a criminal record dating back at least ten years and was just released from the hospital after going through a detox program. Police believe he was intoxicated when he holed himself up.

None of the officers involved were hurt, but the one who fired is being given some time off. In the meantime, another investigation by an independent police department is underway to determine whether deadly force was justified, which is standard procedure.

There were no children present during the whole incident, according to police.

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