LISTEN: Dispatchers laugh through St. Patrick's Day balcony fall emergency call

LISTEN: Dispatchers laugh through St. Patrick's Day balcony fall emergency call

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Meghan Keefe, 20, fell over a balcony at Spirits Restaurant and Bar on W.6th Street on St. Patrick's Day.

Keefe was last listed in critical condition in late March. MetroHealth Medical Center has stopped providing updates on her condition.

Cleveland 19 News obtained radio traffic between a Cleveland police dispatcher and an emergency medical dispatcher at the city's RED center.

The manner of the conversation has Cleveland 19 asking if it was professional and handled according to EMS and police policy.

Keefe had fallen over a balcony railing and onto a granite counter top on the first level of the bar. Authorities called and asked for an ambulance, stating a female was unconscious with a bloody nose.

EMS dispatcher: Red Center (redacted) speaking

Police dispatcher: Hey it's police

EMS dispatcher: Hello

Police dispatcher: We're gonna need you at 1276 West Sixth

EMS dispatcher: OK. That's downtown, huh?

Police dispatcher: Yeah.

EMS dispatcher: And what's going on?

Police dispatcher: 26-year-old female with a bloody nose but she's unconscious.

EMS dispatcher: Oh. 26-year-old female unconscious. She breathing?

Police dispatcher: Yep

EMS dispatcher: And she has a bloody nose?

Police dispatcher: Mmhmm

EMS dispatcher: Do we know what happened to her?

Police dispatcher: Probably too much drinking

EMS dispatcher: (laugh) Well besides the obvious (laughing)

Police dispatcher: Probably St. Patrick's Day happened to her (laughing)

EMS dispatcher: Oh, that's what happened to her. OK that makes sense.

After a second call, emergency responders were asked to step up their response to the scene. EMS arrived on scene 7.5 minutes later. Keefe was transported to MetroHealth Medical Center where she was last listed in critical condition.

Cleveland 19 has reached out to Mayor Frank Jackson, the Director of EMS, and Cleveland Police Chief Calvin Williams.

Is this an appropriate conversation when dealing with an emergency? Did the two violate any city policy? Is this manner of conversation acceptable during an emergency call? Stay with Cleveland 19 for updates on this story.

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