Richland County urn mystery: Remains possibly belong to a pet

Richland County urn mystery: Remains possibly belong to a pet

RICHLAND COUNTY, OH (WOIO) - Back in November, the Richland County Sheriff's Office put out two pictures of an urn found on the side of the road in Bellville, Ohio.

Authorities were hoping someone would come forward to claim it, especially because the name Casey Shawn was etched on the side. From the date of birth and death also inscribed, anyone holding the urn could see the length of life was just under 21 years.

Despite the office's efforts, three months went by and nothing.

The investigators were then told to open the urn, hoping there would be some sort of identifier inside. All they found was a small bag of ashes.

It wasn't until a week ago that someone from a company that manufactures urns -- and this "Roman style," which was most certainly one of the styles they make -- came forward.

The problem is, this is a small urn, the kind of urn made for pets.

Investigators called a nearby pet cemetery and crematory and the mystery was closer to solved. The Angel Refuge Pet Cemetery identified the urn as one they had sold, etched, and used for a pet. They even had the owner information who was from Bellville.

From there, investigators determined the owner had passed away in 2002.

So how the urn ended up out in the open? That mystery is still out there.

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