Suspected drunk driver hurts family of three

SPRINGFIELD TOWNSHIP, OH (WOIO) - Billie Laurenti is a 23 veteran of law enforcement. Most of her time has been at the Springfield Township Police.

She was the first to arrive on the scene of a two car crash about 11:30 p.m. Monday night.

"The first car I went to was a male driver.  He just had a couple of cuts on the top of his head."

Two of Springfield Township's finest jumped into action to help save those involved in a bad, two vehicle crash. Two children, ages 5 and 7 and their 27-year-old mom from Uniontown all hurt.  Dash cam video shows you part of what happened.  The officers fill in the blanks.

"I heard screaming down the road and saw the other car.  When I ran down there, mom was in her seat, front driver seat and she had a blanket she was holding over her son's head.  Her trunk was squished into the back seat which then pushed both of her boys towards the front seat," Officer Laurenti said.

Shortly after she arrive fellow officer Vance Brothers pulled up.  He ran to the car with a mother and her two young boys in it.

"I got the older kid out and I ran over to my cruiser, sat him in there at which point I tried to comfort him. I gave him some water, just talked to him, just tried to make everything seem better than what it was," Laurenti said.

Authorities say the 5-year-old child sustained 'serious injuries' with a broken leg and face lacerations. The car that hit them was being driven by suspected drunk driver 22-year-old Michael Hicks.  Police say he failed to stop his car at a stop sign on Killian and Pressler Roads.

Officers Luarenti and Brothers reacted as pros with the empathy of parents.  Officer Laurenti is a mother.

"It's hard to see when you have a little one screaming and crying and blood is running down his face and his mom's got a blanket on him trying to stop the bleeding," Laurenti said.

"My gut reaction was instantly just getting them out and safe cause I have a son of my own and all I thought about was my child," Laurenti said.

Both of the children were transported to Akron Childrens' Hospital.  No word on their current conditions.

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