Cleveland 19 helps to fight opioid abuse in Ohio

DOWNTOWN CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - In a city-wide effort regarding the dangers of addiction, Cleveland 19 and many others put a spotlight on the growing problem of opioid addiction this week.

Cleveland 19 is helping to fight the epidemic with a "Spot the Signs" campaign as well as the "Know the Risks" special that aired Thursday night.

Experts were also there ready and standing by to take calls from people who needed help and answers. Volunteers reported that they completed 157 calls during the phone bank that was open for a little more than six hours. Volunteers said that most came from family and friends of those struggling with addiction.

Nicole Walmsley has been clean from heroin from four years and now works to help others break their addiction. Walmsley said that watching the special made her emotional.

"I talked with a lot of addicts last night and it was very emotional for us to see the media not bash us, but to actually take a stand and make a point to educate the public on what's really going on especially, in Cuyahoga County," said Walmsley.

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