Wild weather makes for muddy mess in Eastlake

DOWNTOWN CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Inches of water cover streets, yards, and garages Friday in parts of Eastlake.

"The winds were so strong it kept pushing it over, pushing it over, and, before we knew it, it was just a flow," said homeowner Pam Grinstead.

Grinstead has lived next to Lake Erie for more than 30 years. She said she's never seen flooding as bad as she saw Friday. Winds were so strong, waves blew over the barrier, turning Grinstead's entire backyard into a pond.

"My Golden Retriever stood on the deck and looked at me like, 'What do you want me to do?' And the other one just swam, she just swam," Grinstead said.

The wild weather didn't just make a muddy mess for homeowners, it wrecked all of Pierre Stolkowski's electronics.

"We had freezing rain, sleet, snow and it was windy and the wires were really moving back and forth and we heard a pop," he said.

The pop Stolkowski heard a power surge, which ruined everything, including his furnace, washer, microwave and fridge. He said it's going to cost him more than $5,000 to fix.

Between fixing furnaces and dealing with all the rain, technicians at H Jack's Plumbing and Heating stayed busy Friday.

"When it rains a lot, a lot of sewers back up with the rainwater. Sometimes it's a combination where it's a storm and a sewage pipe and that'll back up into the home into the basement," said H Jack's Plumbing and Heating HVAC Technician Toby Gardner.

Thankfully, for Grinstead, the Lake Erie water only got into her garage and didn't damage anything. Still, she's amazed at what the power from the wind and the waves did to her neighborhood.

"I've never seen the lake as angry as it is. The lake is really, really mad," she said.

Friday night Eastlake had a pump placed on Galalina Boulevard to help with the flooding. By Saturday morning, police said most of the flooding had receded.

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