5 Cleveland sports thoughts to ponder after this weekend

5 Cleveland sports thoughts to ponder after this weekend

Here are Mark Schwab's five thoughts from the weekend sports scene:

1. The Cavaliers are still excruciating to watch but are still OK. For now. They are NOT playing OK, but they are still OK in the standings. Despite the infuriating performances against Atlanta on Friday and Sunday, they somehow still control their own destiny. They are tied with Boston for the top spot in the East with two games left and they hold the tie-breaker. Win out, and they are the top seed. "You really think they can win out, Schwab? Have you watched them lately?"   ...well, I'm the eternal optimist, so for some reason I'm not a nervous wreck. I am however steamed.

2. I hope somebody raises some hell with that team. And by "somebody," I mean somebody whose name rhymes with "DeRon Due." I'm not one to think that a coach always has to go air out his team when they aren't playing well, but Lue needs to take action. Verbally. With the line up. The rotations. Something. The two games against Atlanta were absurd. Would you quit doing your job 75% of the way through your work day? No? Well, that's where you and the Cavs are different. You get outscored 44-18 in the fourth quarter, you quit doing your job. Look, by June, all of us might feel silly for complaining about the way they're playing in early April. But they have to still be playing in June to make us feel silly. They look ridiculous on the floor right now.

3. I think the Indians just caught the Diamondbacks at the wrong time. Arizona is swinging the bats at an unsustainable pace, hitting .431 with runners in scoring position. Something I call "Baseball Common Sense" should tell you that they obviously cannot sustain that and the Indians just ran into a bit of a buzz saw this weekend. It happens though out the course of a season, it just seems worse when the season is only six games old.

4. Corey Kluber seems to have his personal "Killer B's" he is dealing with. On Opening Day, blisters were a nuisance for him. Sunday, a bad back was the problem. He pitched better than he did in the opener, and he did not get a lot of support from his teammates. One of the runs he allowed was unearned because of a throwing error, and the offense did not score anyway. Should we be concerned about these health issues? As of now, I don't think so, they seem minor enough, but they need to stay minor. They also need to go away.

5. Sports are always more fun when they end the way you want them to. Sergio Garcia winning the Masters fit the bill for the feel-good finish. Finally winning a PGA Major. Sure, he got some help when Justin Rose had a few putts roll just by the hole to help the two finish in a tie after 18, but these stories always seem to have those moments. Watching him celebrate after knocking down the par put was the best sports moment of the weekend. Hey, the Tribe and Cavs did not give us anything to smile about, but Garcia sure closed the weekend in style.

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