Kids Clubhouse and special deal for young Tribe fans at Progressive Field

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Coming to the ballpark for an Indians game is a much different experience than it was years ago - kiddos now have the Kids Clubhouse to retreat to at Progressive Field.

"When I came to old Municipal Stadium from Youngstown when I was these kids' age, I walked around the concourse with my dad and grandpa and my brother, and we were focused on the game - which is fine. That's good too, and I'm sure we have young fans that do that, but this is a little extra attention grabber for them," said Joel Hammond, a spokesperson for the Indians.

From the moment it opened - the Indians Kids Clubhouse was a hit.

When you look inside you understand why. Hammond describes the interactive part of the Kids Clubhouse.

"What this does is it shows off our uniforms from now 'til 1948 - our last World Series - which we hope to change, of course - to 1920 which was our first World Series and 1901 when we were founded," said Hammond.

The Kids Clubhouse swirly slide is a huge hit with the kids, and there are places for photo ops and a booth where you can practice becoming the voice of the Indians.

"Young fans can go in there and there is a menu of ten Tom Hamilton Calls, and they can try to do their best Tom Hamilton impression, and then at the end, it gives you the option to e-mail that clip to mom or dad," added Hammond.

While a new generation of Indians fans is being cultivated - parents don't have to worry about missing the game - you've still got a great view of the field from inside and on the balcony of the Clubhouse.

Something else that will grab you attention:

Kids tickets are 15 bucks with the purchase of an adult ticket - only available though online at

There's also Key Bank's Funday - every Sunday during the regular season. Kids get a chance to interview a player.

"A player comes up and answers kids' questions, and it's one of the cutest things you will ever see. Usually 11:45 every Sunday. Terry Francona's done it. Mike Napoli did it last year, and Kip and all these guys come up here and answer kids' questions." added Hammond.

At the end of game on Key Bank's Funday - kids also get a chance to run the bases.

"If you've ever had a bad day, come watch these kids run these bases on a Sunday because it is possibly the cutest thing you will ever, ever see," said Hammond with a smile.

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