Cleveland Indians logo fight continues: Chief Wahoo or block-C?

Cleveland Indians logo fight continues: Chief Wahoo or block-C?

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - It's a fight that's continued since 1973 and still, there is no resolution.

Every opening day at Progressive Field, the Cleveland American Indian Movement stage a protest.

"What we've said since the beginning, change the name, change the logo," said Jeffrey Pierce, an American Indian who is an activist for the group.

Though it's been around since the 1940s, Chief Wahoo has lost some of its dominance and has slowly taken a backseat to the block-C logo.

Late last month, new street banners went up around Progressive Field, minus the red-faced caricature.

"We are all very thankful for that, but it's not enough," said Pierce. "I am sure people aren't wearing it to be racist, but subtle racism is still racist."

The Wahoo logo patch is still on the arm of the jerseys and worn on the baseball caps of the MLB players.

Fan gear with the logo can still be purchased from MLB's web store and there aren't many other options for toddlers.

"It makes money for them, they've invested so much time in this logo," said Sundance, a life-long advocate against the team name and logo.

The group will gather at Gate C at Progressive Field, sharing their message with fans; a message, that they know, isn't well received by everyone.

"We had violence so the stadium have peace keepers, plain clothes police, guards and they run a barrier between us and the fans," said Sundance.

The Cleveland Indians' organization isn't commenting on the Chief Wahoo logo.

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