Trendy moms are inviting glam squads into the delivery room now

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Glam squads are making their way into hospitals all over the country. They're made up of a team of make up artists and stylists called upon to prep moms to be for the day she'll meet baby.

Celebrities and social media influencers are contributing to a growing trend in the baby world, making labor glam part of the delivery experience.

"Definitely lashes, making a lip pop, the skin looking flawless," said make up artist Lindsay London.

She prepped new mom Stacy Lucas when she delivered her son, Asher.

"I joked with Lindsay that I was going to have her come on call, 3 a.m., if I went into labor," said Lucas. When Lucas started having contractions, she called upon London to help her look and feel beautiful on the best day of her life.

"Powder, concealer, my lashes done. Nothing crazy, filled in my eyebrows," said Lucas.

London enhanced her natural look, and sent her on her way. More than 50 hours of labor and an emergency C-section later, Asher arrived. But Lucas was fresh as a daisy.

"My mother in law walked in, I just had him, came from the operating room, and she said 'How do you look like this right now?' That was what every one said," said Lucas.

Senior Editor of The, Ashlee Neuman said labor glam is not the new norm, but it's growing in popularity. She said moms-to-be are treating themselves to everything from manis and pedis the week of their due date, to spray tans and blow outs.

"And other moms are taking it up a notch and they're calling in hair and make up stylists to join them in the delivery room after giving birth," said Neuman.

Why would women do this? It's no surprise, that social media is playing a huge role in this trend. The heavy presence of glammed up family life on reality shows like The Real Housewives and Keeping Up With The Kardashians, driving regular moms to add a glam factor to giving birth.

"With the rise of social media these photos of mom and a newborn baby aren't just living in frames on nightstand dressers anymore. They are being broadcast to the world and immortalized forever," said Neuman.

Some new moms have even gone as far as broadcasting their delivery on Facebook Live.

"Everyone is just as excited as you are. So everyone wants to see the pictures, they want to see the baby and you with the baby. You don't really want to throw it out there with your dark circles," Lucas said.

Lucas says she wanted to be at her best when she met her son for the first time, and looking good helped motivate her through her difficult delivery.

"As a mom, you go through so many changes. Your body, your skin, your hair, nothing is yours anymore. and so to have your make up done and to look beautiful and just to highlight your natural beauty during that, I think, was important for me," Lucas said.

"They want to look like themselves. They don't want to be over glammed, but it's about enhancing your natural features," London said.

London preps moms to be with an 18 hour product meant to withstand the not-so-glamorous act of labor.

"Everything is long wearing, sweat and water resistant, water proof ... because going through labor can be that type of event," London said.

And she helps clients through pregnancy woes like a full face, or acne that often makes them self-conscious come picture time.

"Contour, definitely enhancing their cheek bones, slimming the face," she said.

What about push back from doctors, about having make up on during delivery or surgery? Lucas said her doctors didn't object to her beauty prep.

"As long as the new mom has been medically deemed to be in good shape following her delivery, we really haven't heard of any doctors or nurses to having these stylists in the room with mom after birth," said Neuman.

Whether it's as simple as a shower, or as elaborate as a glam squad, new moms are embracing the labor glam trend as a way to make a beautiful day even more picture perfect.

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