If opting to travel by air, 'checking in' can go a long way

DOWNTOWN CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - It's a video that has gone viral and sent United Airlines into crisis control.

A passenger on a United flight, bloodied while being forcibly removed from the plane. Passengers on the flight said he did not want to get off, but was not violent.

Ann Huber, with Landfall Travel in Rocky River, has been a travel agent for 30 years. She said she's never seen anything like this. Huber said airlines should ask passengers prior to sitting down who would be willing to be bumped. And if you are bumped, you should be offered some sort of compensation.

According to CNN Money, several major airlines resort to order of check-in when denying boarding.

It appears it would be in the best interest of the travel to check-in as soon as possibly, usually 24 hours before take-off. Travelers can usually sign up for email alerts and check-in on their smartphone before arriving at the airport.

According to CNBC, more than 40,000 passengers are denied boarding involuntarily each year on the 12 major U.S. airlines.

United is now dealing with an image problem. The company's stock is down and they are the joke of social media and nighttime television.

The CEO says the company is reviewing policies and will have results by the end of the month.

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