New experiment at Hopkins hopes to get passengers through security quicker

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - According to officials at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport, a new program begins testing on Wednesday that is meant to get passengers through security checkpoints quicker and more smoothly.

With the new system, the security checkpoint wait times will be displayed on the terminal's flight information screens. The idea with the new display is meant to create a better experience for the passengers. By giving an estimate of how long the security lines are, passengers will know which of the airport's TSA security lines have the shortest wait times..

"By leveraging our current technology staff to develop this application, we hope to significantly enhance the customer experience for departing passengers while at the same time providing this service at a significant savings," said Chief Information Officer Matt Crowley.

The testing is in the beta phase, which will last until May 1. Passenger feedback is encouraged and can be commented on the Cleveland Hopkins International Airport's Facebook and Twitter pages.

Looking ahead, the second part of the enhancement is to add the TSA wait times to the airport's website.

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