Chief Wahoo protester calls for charges

Chief Wahoo protester calls for charges

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - On Tuesday, April 11, opening day for the Cleveland Indians, Robert Rice was allegedly assaulted by an unknown man while peacefully protesting outside of Progressive Field.

Councilman Zack Reed will be joining Mr. Rice and members of The American Indian Movement of Ohio when they go to request that County Prosecutor Michael O'Malley bring formal charges against the person who allegedly assaulted Mr. Rice

"The Chief Wahoo logo brings out the worst in people and this incident reinforces the need to have Wahoo removed," says Councilman Reed.

The Chief Wahoo logo is no longer on the stadium building at Progressive Field or on the field, but it remains on the left sleeves of the blue Cleveland Indians players jerseys and on their caps, but the fact that it still exists at all is reportedly frustrating Commissioner Rob Manfred.

Chief Wahoo has been a part of the team since 1947.

In November 2017, the Cleveland Scene Magazine started a contest where fans could design a new name and logo. The American Sociological Association also called for an end to the Indians name and the Chief Wahoo mascot.

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