Potential No. 1 overall pick Myles Garrett wants to be 'cornerstone' for Cleveland Browns

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Myles Garrett, the Dallas native and former Texas A&M defensive end, has publicly joked about wanting to play for his home state Cowboys. But in an exclusive interview Thursday with Cleveland 19, he made it clear he wants to land in Cleveland and be the game-changer on defense that turns the Browns around.

"Yes, that's kind of why I came to A&M," Garrett said, during a live talk-back from Texas. "Because I knew (the Aggies) needed to turn it around on defense. I knew I could have been that guy, and I was that guy for a short time, and I want to do the same thing in Cleveland if I have the opportunity to go there and be a cornerstone of their team and just change what's been the chemistry and environment there -- and atmosphere -- and just turn it into a winning program, and turn it into something special."

It's easy to picture Garrett being that player. He racked up 31 sacks in three seasons at A&M.

But it's one thing to want it, another to do it, and the Browns' track record in the draft is less than impressive, so Cleveland 19 asked Garrett why he's different from the first-round disappointments who came before him.

"I'm not like anyone else," Garrett said. "I'm not (Jadeveon) Clowney (the No. 1 pick of the 2014 Draft), or anybody else who came before me. I'm my own man and I can do what I talk about."

Recently, he talked about torturing the Browns for the next 10 to 12 years if they pass on him.

"Oh yeah, I stick to that," Garrett said. "It goes for any team that passes on me."

And as for those humorous pleas to Cowboys owner Jerry Jones to find a way to draft him and keep him home, Garrett said Browns head coach Hue Jackson had a little fun with that during their dinner together. But not too much.

"He poked a little fun at it, but he didn't really bring it up as a talking point at the table," Garrett said.

Jackson and the Browns will have the last laugh, if and when they land the top defensive player in the draft.

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