Librarians putting flowers in empty bottles of A.1. sauce in the Avon Lake Library

AVON LAKE, OH (WOIO) - Avon Lake librarians are now putting flowers in all the A1 bottles they have received.

The library is trying to solve a mystery surrounding more than a dozen steak sauce bottles staff members have found inside the building.

Jill Ralston is the PR and Marketing Coordinator for the library. She says they found the first bottle shoved inside of newspapers in January, and since then they've found 30 empty A.1. steak sauce bottles in the past few months.

"There's no label, and the labels have been peeled, but you can tell there had been a label on. They're dishwasher clean, dry inside and out, just a hint of A.1. still lingering in the bottle," said Ralston.

Ralston said the bottles have perplexed the staff who found them in random places around the library. She said most of the time they find the bottles laying behind books on the shelves.

"And some days we find multiples. There have been times when we've found many as three or four a day," said Ralston.

People like Anthony Capucini have their theories.

"I think it's a couple kids playing some pranks," said Capucini.

But Ralston doesn't think kids are behind it.

"I think they're being hidden during the day sometime, so that makes me think it's not a student because we're finding them after 3 p.m.," said Ralston.

Ralston said if it's a game, they'd like to know the rules, that way they could play along.

"Are we messing up the game by finding them and removing them from the shelf? I have no idea," said Ralston.

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