4 tips for allergy sufferers in Cleveland to sleep better tonight

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Seasonal allergies can have a huge impact on your ability to sleep. But there are four simple ways you can get better rest.

"When you're congested or you have the itchy eyes, you're not able to breathe.  And getting the right amount of oxygen to your brain helps you relax and get the sleep that you need," said Mary Helen Rogers, of the Better Sleep Council.

1.  Invest in allergen protectors for your pillow and your mattress. These new offerings are breathable fabrics that protect the fibers and materials inside from absorbing the dust mites, and other allergens that can impact your sleep.

2.  Turn on the air conditioner and make sure you have a new filter.

3.  Use a humidifier.

4.  Take a bath or shower before bed and wear clean pajamas to

"You'd be really surprised at the amount of pollen and allergens that can settle into your skin, into your hair and into your clothing.  And if they are having a negative impact on your physical well being, they're definitely going to impact your sleep," said Rogers.

This can be especially helpful for children who suffer from allergies.  Play time outside can contribute to allergy symptoms.

"Keep it clean.  Keep it covered," said Rogers.

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