Electric weekend expected in downtown Cleveland as Cavs, Tribe play

Electric weekend expected in downtown Cleveland as Cavs, Tribe play

DOWNTOWN CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Warm weather this weekend is sure to bring even more people to downtown Cleveland to cheer on the sports teams.

Both the Cavaliers and the Indians play at home Saturday afternoon.

"If you're in Cleveland, you've gotta be a fan," said Dee Cichon.

Between the Cavs and the Indians, there isn't a person in downtown Cleveland who isn't rooting for a hometown team. People were everywhere Friday evening, some were decked out in Tribe gear, while others sported wine and gold.

"Anyone who knows me knows Cavs is the way to go," Cichon said.

Fans, like Cichon and her family, are happy to see the excitement back in the Land. Despite a few recent losses, the atmosphere around Cleveland is electric as the Cavaliers head to the playoffs Saturday afternoon.

"You don't want to win them all in the regular season, you've got to wait until the playoffs. We're gonna get her back-to-back this year," said Bryce Allensworth.

Cleveland 19 asked fans if the mood felt different this year, since the Cavs are already NBA champs.

"I think now it's almost more important. I think we've had a championship, but we need to keep that ground," said Judy Miller.

When it comes to the fans, the momentum is clearly here, both for the Cavs and for the Tribe.

"I want to see the Cavs do a back-to-back and, man, if the Indians could get there and win it all, it'd be amazing," said Jesse Morgan.

The season may have just kicked off, but baseball fans are already anticipating another World Series run.

"I'm an Indians fan. I'm a baseball fan," said Pat Boland.

"They're winning and they're amazing and I love Cleveland," said Divan Reed.

Reed's statement is one no one in Cleveland can disagree with, especially with the enthusiasm the sports teams bring to the city.

"We just need to get everyone on board: the Browns, the Indians, and the Cavs. I think this is a championship city," Miller said.

The Cavaliers play the Pacers at 3 p.m. Saturday. The Indians play the Tigers at 4:10 p.m.

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