Security expert: Suspected Cleveland Facebook shooter could be anywhere

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - More than 24 hours later, there's still no sign of Steve Stephens, the man police said published a video to Facebook of him murdering another man.

Police expanded their sights to a national search Monday, as multiple agencies work around the clock.

"If some magical technical solution could've been done, it would've been done by now," said Sam Rosenfeld, a security expert and chairman of The Densus Group.

Rosenfeld said, by now, Stephens could be just about anywhere.

"This happened more than 24 hours ago, at 60 miles an hour that gets you across the Canadian border, it gets you across the Mexico border by now," he said.

Still, many wonder why it's taken this long to track Stephens down, especially with modern day technology, like cell phones, credit cards, and software in his white Ford Fusion.

"The bottom line is, if he's any way forensically aware he will have ditched those things already," Rosenfeld said. "He's taken the battery out of the phone and he's thrown it away, so, at that point, those technology solutions are now useless."

Rosenfeld said there are simple countermeasures to every piece of technology.

"It's actually very easy to take yourself off the grid, if you want to be off the grid," Rosenfeld said.

He believes Stephens will be found, but he wants people to know it's not as simple as it seems on the surface. In the end, Rosenfeld said old fashioned community engagement and awareness will likely have the biggest impact on this case.

"One can only assume that, with his heightened social media awareness in using social media to promote his crimes, he's also social media savvy enough and technologically savvy enough to disconnect when he needs to, otherwise police would've already used those methods by now," Rosenfeld said.

Although Stephens may be anywhere, Rosenfeld said, typically, suspects don't stray too far from home. He said the best thing for people to do is go about their daily lives, but continue to be aware.

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