Newcomerstown police officer fired after lying about being shot

Newcomerstown police officer fired after lying about being shot

TUSCARAWAS COUNTY, OH (WOIO) - An alleged police shooting that initiated a 'Blue Alert' in Newcomerstown last week apparently never happened.

On, Tuesday April 18, Officer Brian Eubanks admitted to investigators that he had fabricated the story about being shot by an unknown man on April 11. He has been fired, according to Newcomerstown Police Chief Gary Holland.

Evidence throughout the case contradicted his original claim that he had been shot at by individuals in a black Geo Tracker whom he reported that he had pursued up Johnson Hill Road. Eubanks told Tuscarawas County Sheriff's Office investigators that he pulled over a black Geo Tracker around 10:15 a.m. While approaching the vehicle, a white male passenger opened fire on him, shooting him once in the arm.

One suspect turned himself in but released after questioning.

Lt. Jeff Moore located other witnesses that stated that although a police cruiser did drive up Johnson Hill Rd., that no other vehicle had been seen. Investigators eliminated the possibility of the reported suspect taking a different route and then gathered other evidence that contradicted Officer Eubanks story.

Witnesses also stated no vehicle other than the police cruiser was seen at the River Street bridge.

After interviewing numerous witnesses and eliminating other suspects and possibilities, Eubanks was asked to come in for further clarification to his story.

During questioning, Eubanks indicated that he had in fact made up the story of being shot at during a traffic stop after a failed suicide attempt. Charges are expected to be filed.

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