Neighbors of suspected Cleveland Facebook killer weren't sure if he'd return

TWINSBURG, OH (WOIO) - Betsy Oliver and her 3-year-old daughter enjoyed a beautiful Tuesday at the park, but Oliver says that might not have been the case if the suspected Cleveland Facebook killer were still on the run.

The park is blocks from the home of Steve Stephens.

"I was relieved that we didn't have to worry about it anymore and that he was safely not around," Oliver said.

She lives blocks from Stephens, and said it was nerve-wrecking not knowing if he would come back to the neighborhood.

"We locked our doors and made sure everything was secure when we went to sleep," Oliver said.

Her husband even took time off work to make sure his family was safe.

"I took off work and kind of let the police patrol the neighborhood," said Carli Williams.

Even though they brief a sigh of relief, Williams can't help but feel sad for both families.

"It's just a tragedy all around, the families, it's just really sad," Williams said.

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