Facebook shooting victim Robert Godwin, Sr. 'loved everybody,' family says

SELMA, ALABAMA - The family of the man killed this past weekend in a shooting posted to Facebook is grieving his loss 800 miles away in Alabama.

Robert Godwin, Sr.'s roots are down South. Godwin is originally from Plantersville, Alabama, about an hour away from the state capital of Montgomery.

Godwin moved to Cleveland with one of his sisters and worked on machines for about 40 years before he retired.

He had nine siblings, and Cleveland 19 spoke with two of them Tuesday. They say he was a kind and loving man.

"He called every Saturday and just wanted to hear your voice. He loved Alabama, he said he was gonna move back home," said his sister.

From their home in Selma, Robert's sister Quinnin Jones and brother Lindsey Jones said he never had a problem with anyone.

"He loved everybody, he never got mad at anybody," Quinnin Jones said.

Several relatives called them Sunday after seeing the video posted to Facebook themselves of Godwin being shot and killed.

Godwin's younger brother Lindsey Jones was the only sibling in Alabama who could bring himself to watch the video.

"It hurt me so bad to see him shoot my brother like that. That's what hurt me," Lindsey Jones said.

He says the suspect's death won't bring his brother back, but he is relieved Steve Stephens is not out there threatening other people's lives anymore.

"It hurt me so much to know that man walked around and killed my brother for nothing. I pray for his family because his family had nothing to do with what he did, but when he killed my brother, I wanted to kill him. When they said he was dead, it was fine with me," Lindsey Jones said.

Godwin's mother is 89 years old and has Alzheimer's disease and dementia. His brother and sister say they've started to explain what happened to Robert to her and it has been pretty difficult.

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