Cleveland's mayor and police chief react to Facebook murder investigation

(Source: WOIO)
(Source: WOIO)
Robert Godwin, Sr. (Source: WOIO)
Robert Godwin, Sr. (Source: WOIO)

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Cleveland's Mayor Frank Jackson and Chief of Police Calvin Williams held a one-on-one interview with Cleveland 19.

The investigation started on Easter Sunday when Steve Stephens recorded the random killing of 74-year-old Robert Godwin, Sr. on East 93rd Street. Stephens then posted the shooting video to his Face book account. Stephens was found on Tuesday in Erie, Pa. After a brief police pursuit, Stephens turned a gun on himself and committed suicide.

We would have liked for it never to have occurred in the first place.  It's obvious right?"

Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson and Chief of Police Calvin Williams sat down with Cleveland 19 News reporter Harry Boomer for a one on one interview. They talked about the recent shooting death of 74 year-old Robert Godwin by Steve Stephens.  He shot Mr. Godwin at point blank range, calmly got back in his car, drove away and posted his horrible crime on Face book.  It became a social media murder story that got worldwide attention.Again, Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson

"Our preference would have been that Steve Stephens would have given himself up and brought closure to this much sooner and not resulting in his death."

The Greater Cleveland community rallied behind the efforts to find Stephens, who had threatened to continue killing until he was caught.  Cleveland Police  Chief Calvin Williams.

"For me it was more about the community being involved in this, b eing invested in this and wanting to see that resolution.  Like you said people kept asking you on a daily basis it over,is it over?  By the media assisting us and keeping that in the forefront of people's  minds, keeping a description and things like that out there.  That's how this came to a conclusion."

A deadly end to a two day drama that kept people engaged, looking for Stephens and his car.  Both Mayor Jackson and Chief Williams say there can be a greater good that comes from this tragedy... One Cleveland.

"There are dozens of other unsolved cases in this city and around the country, specifically in this city,  both homicides and shootings that we need the public's help with." 

The Cleveland Police Department, FBI, US Marshals, and other law enforcement agencies assisted with the manhunt.

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