'That's my 1st priority, basketball and whatever else comes second', says J.R. Smith about daughter

J.R. Smith in the 2016 NBA Finals (Source: AP Eric Risberg)
J.R. Smith in the 2016 NBA Finals (Source: AP Eric Risberg)

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Two days after sharing an emotional photo of his daughter's milestone J.R. Smith says she's doing unbelievable.

"She's doing good, we can't complain. I mean she's doing unbelievable numbers, the doctors says she's off the charts. I mean we just have to take day-by-day you know, hopefully one day soon she'll come home," Smith said.

Smith's wife gave birth to his newborn daughter Jan. 2. She was five months early and weighed only one pound. She was so little he compared her to a cell phone, he could hold her in one hand.

Speaking to the media after practice Wednesday at Cleveland Clinic Courts the Cleveland Cavaliers guard gushed about this wife and said she's the one that's been with their baby everyday for the last three-and-a-half months, making it possible for him to rehab and get back to playing the game he loves.

"I got an unbelievable wife so, she made sure that I was first person who was, you know, I was able to give her her bottle. I mean, I just, I can't say enough about her because she's been there literally all day everyday since, I think this is the 108th day..so she's been there and for her to let me do that, let me do certain things is really cool and I appreciate that from her," said Smith.

Smith posted a photo on Instagram with the caption, "My boo got her first bottle today! #proudofyoubaby #kotastrong"

J.R. Smith was sidelined for months after fracturing his thumb during a December game. That time off allowed him to dedicate more time to his daughter and family. But despite the injury, Smith said he probably still would have taken time off because family is his first priority.

"Had I not gotten hurt I probably would have missed the same amount of games. That's no disrespect to my teammates or this organization but for me my family comes first. That should be number one for any and everybody before any occupation," Smith stressed.

And Cavs Coach Ty Lue agreed.

"He has a lot of support here. It's a tough situation. I pray for him every night," Coach Lue said.

J.R. suffered a left hamstring injury in the first half of Monday's win over the Indiana. Wednesday, his MRI results came back negative but his status for Game 3 is still unclear.

The Cavs take on the Pacers Thursday at 7 p.m. You can catch the game, played in Indiana, on TNT or Fox Sports Ohio.

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