Councilman says double homicide in Collinwood got back seat to "Facebook" murder

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Collinwood Councilman Michael Polensek is angry.

Michael Kuznik and Trima Tomola were shot to death around dinner time on Friday, yet Councilman Polensek says Cleveland Police did little to get the word out, as well as descriptions of two of the cars taken.

"Only after I raised hell. Why isn't the news media being alerted and the citizens," asked Councilman Polensek.

Polensek expressed sympathy for the family of Robert Godwin, but he feels the murder of two in his ward had to take the back seat for days. Days when tips could have been generated.

He blames city hall and the police department.

"I don't understand why there was no public pronouncement. Why no news conference, why no show of sympathy for this family," Councilman Polensek said.

Police Chief Calvin Williams disagrees.

"Regardless of whether the homicide or the shooting is front page news or the lead story, it is always the lead story with the Division of Police," replied Chief Williams.

The Chief as well as the Mayor were both questioned about Polensek's concerns.

Mayor Frank Jackson replied, "we don't pick and choose who we care about. We care about everyone."

Those words ring hollow to the long time Councilman, who has a larger concern. The longer term effect, the loss of a 30 plus year family business will have on three surviving children, on his ward and ultimately the city.

Polensek observed, "another community business in the city is gonna be vacant and nobody, it seems like it just fell off the radar screen. Didn't fall off the radar screen with me and it didn't fall off the screen with the people of Collinwood."

Polensek will try and generate a grass roots effort by holding a vigil at the Mr. Cars lot on East 185th Street on Friday night at 6 p.m., almost a week to the minute of the horrible crime.

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