Parma homeowners claim city is not addressing flooding issues

PARMA, OH (WOIO) - On Wednesday night, the worst flooding in six years in Parma, trapped some people in their cars near Walmart.

Along West Pleasant Valley Road, homeowners had raw sewage back up into their basements. Their backyards looked like creeks.

Kim Geyer says flash floods or no flash floods, basements along her stretch of West Pleasant Valley Road flood every time there is a significant rain. An aging sewer system, she says, has needed to be replaced for decades.

"When they went to widen the road, I brought up why they are not upgrading the sewer system - nobody has any answers. It's always a previous administration. We can't even get our councilman to call us back. Nobody even bothers with us, with the city," said Geyer.

Two doors down from Geyer's home, is the house where Christine Pate lives. She had raw sewage overflowing in her basement after Wednesday's heavy rains.

"I just went numb," Pate said.

Pate has at least a thousand dollars in losses, she says, but there are some things that were damaged that can't be replaced for the Veteran. She showed us some of the military honors she received that were covered in the filth.

"I served in Panama Just Cause - it really didn't take too much of a beating, but it has the odor," said Pate.

Pate says this flooding is a first for her, in her five years of living along West Pleasant Valley Road, but Geyer and her neighbors say this is too common an occurrence in their homes.

"I can't sell this house like this - even if I wanted to, who could buy it? My big scare is that black mold is eventually going to overtake these homes," added Geyer.

At the time this story was written, a representative for the city of Parma said that city workers were out surveying the flooding damage, and that a response to the concerns of the residents living on West Pleasant Valley Road would be provided at some point.

Statement from City of Parma

The downpour was definitely very heavy in Parma last night. We understand the frustrations of the residents that have been affected by this storm. We have been in contact with the W. Pleasant Valley residents whose homes back up to the creek, specifically the Geyers.  

In an effort to remedy this matter, beginning last summer, our Engineering Department, working with our partners at the Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District, flow monitors were installed in the creek and the information received is being studied to determine what remedies would be the best fit to alleviate flooding issues for these residents. We will continue to attack this problem as well as in other areas of our city.

Again, we understand the frustration level of these residents, and we will continue to work on this problem to find improvements.

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