Congressman says waste at abandoned Brecksville VA Hospital proves it should be sold

Tax money wasted at vacant VA hospital

BRECKSVILLE, OH (WOIO) - Video's taken inside the abandoned Veterans Administration Hospital in Brecksville didn't sit well with Congressman Jim Renacci.

An example is a Chapel left intact. Neither did scenes of a fully equipped optical department, an abandoned cafeteria, a theatre and stage that could be used almost immediately, and a fully stocked 6 lane bowling alley, with pins, balls and shoes.

After viewing it he said, "This looks like a scene from the former Soviet Union. It's ridiculous," said Congressman Jim Renacci.

Obviously things like used syringes in sharps containers, and drugs the videos show were scattered throughout the pharmacy have to be destroyed,
but other than that Renacci says sell it.

As far as the property the VA sits he said, "Might not be worth 100 cents on the dollar but quite frankly it's worth something to someone and the government should have recovered as much as they could."

The Congressman knows what he is talking about. He found an abandoned NASA facility in Fairview Park which is in his district. He got it sold but
said it wasn't easy navigating the deal through the government.

"It was a bureaucracy that I had to work with the Mayor and push and push and push and push that that's what we should be doing here," Congressman Renacci said.

The City of Brecksville is in the same process right now, but it was told by the VA that the property was a clean property. Getting rid of all the stuff inside will cost money and actually reduces the 102 acre property's value. Imagine the development that could go on on that much land, close to Interstate 77.

"Take those dollars back in and reinvest it back in the business and it's something we should be doing in the government, again wasteful spending. We look at all the empty government buildings that aren't being sold, they have to be sold," the Congressman added.

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