Video shows suburban officers fighting the war on drugs

MIDDLEBURG HEIGHTS, OH (WOIO) - A body camera video from Middleburg Heights details the dangers of police work and an arrest at a time approach it may take to wage the war
on drugs.

It was 1:40 in the morning on Tuesday, an officer spots a car with dark windows and a light out.

He pulls it over, then asks the driver to get out said, "Step out here, can I see your license?"

In just five seconds the driver takes off and the chase is on. 11 seconds later, he is tased and goes to the ground.

Chief John Maddox viewed the video and noted, "He's on his back, see his right hand."

Turns out the man, whose name is Michael Tarter had a loaded pistol that he was reaching for. The weapon was a 45 caliber semi automatic.

Maddox calls it a textbook arrest.

"It's one of the ways we're taught to use the taser, to maintain control of a subject," Maddox said.

The frightening part of the story, is that while running Tarter had been reaching toward his right pocket, appearing to turn back toward officers,
in a very dark, and dangerous scene.

Turns out he also had 76 grams of cocaine and more.

Chief Maddox said, "He had close to a thousand in cash and he just got out of prison three days ago, so he's up to something there."

The body camera provides a fascinating peek into the life of a police officer.

Always a dangerous job, and one that the Chief says is becoming more dangerous given the drug trade. In this case he says a job well done.

"I like to see the fact that they're relying on what they've been taught in training and it comes out successful and we take a criminal off the street in a safe way," added Chief Maddox.

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