1 dog killed, another injured after Ashtabula resident mistakes them for wolves

ASHTABULA, OH (WOIO) - An Ashtabula man is beside himself. His two hybrid dogs were riddled with bullets after an incident that apparently took place in his neighborhood.

One of the dogs was killed and the other barely made it.

Trinity, the dog that survived, now has a cast on one of her front legs and is barely able to move.

"I feel like I let her down," said Jim Capuano. "She's innocent. She's an inside dog."

Trinity has five bullet wounds and two broken legs. Amazingly she showed up across the street from his house Thursday, two weeks after both dogs came up missing.

The other dog, a 1-year-old, had been returned home by the dog warden only a couple days after they disappeared.

Capuano said no one is telling him exactly what happened, except that a neighbor shot at two dogs he thought were coyotes.

The dog warden, Donna Yan, confirms it's illegal to just shoot at a dog in a back yard if it's not posing any serious threat. Yan urges homeowners to call the proper authorities before picking up a gun.

Capuano said he's getting the run-around about what is happening with the case. The city apparently says it's still under investigation, while the county says the case is closed with no charges.

"Man up and come forward," Capuano begs of whoever did this. "Apologize to me, apologize to my daughter."

In the meantime, the vet bills are piling up for the surviving dog who might have to have a leg amputated. There is a GoFundMe account set up if you would like to help out.

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