Child killed after fall from skid loader in Wayne County

WAYNE COUNTY, OH (WOIO) - A 3-year-old girl was killed after falling from the bucket of a skid loader last week in Wayne County.

According to Captain Doug Hunter from the Wayne County Sheriff's office, deputies were sent to the scene in the evening hours of Thursday, April 20th.

Captain Hunter said the girl was riding in the bucket of a Bobcat skid loader, along with her father. The girl's 7-year-old brother was operating the machine.

The toddler lost her balance and fell out of the bucket and was hit by the machine and killed.

Captain Hunter described the incident in a "Daily Update" video that the department posts on their Facebook page.

Captain Hunter said he was not critical of the parents, but added that, "Being a parent requires you to look out for the safety of your children. Step back, look and see what could possibly go wrong with what they're doing."

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