Cavaliers watch party held for veterans in Northeast Ohio

Watch party for veterans

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - While the Cavs action means so much to Northeast Ohio, there are some groups who are especially grateful for the excitement. In fact,  the service men and women who are residents at the Veteran's Domiciliary at Wade Park can't get enough of it.

"I've been excited all week for this, when they told us about this I was so excited," Army veteran Keshia said.

She's talking about the Cavs Watch party put on at their facility by the Volunteers of America and the Cavs themselves as a way to say thank you.

"The people here really appreciate us being here which makes you feel really, really good to be able to give back," Cavs announcer Olivier Sedra explained.

About 100 veterans attended. They were treated to a day long party which included special big comfy couches brought in, big screen TVs, catering, a visit by the Cavs girls, free Cavs T-shirts and swag bags.

"This is so great for us, it relieves a lot of tension and pressure," Army Veteran Sienna Foreman says.

"I think this is a beautiful thing," Navy veteran Rodger Lee said.

It's the kind of event that even chokes up those who work with the group.

"Any time you get people from the outside to come in and show these guys how much you care you know it really means a lot to them," recreational coordinator, Drew Smith.

Plenty of pictures to taken, new friends to be make, old comrades to enjoy, and a celebration that brings it all together as two very special groups, the Cavs and the veterans, make for one very special time.

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