Gov. John Kasich to appear on CBS This Morning, CNN

Gov. John Kasich to appear on CBS This Morning, CNN

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Governor John Kasich is making several TV appearances on Monday. His first interview will be on CBS This Morning. Kasich will also be appearing on CNN for a live town hall with Anderson Cooper. The governor will also be on Monday's night's "The Daily Show".

Kasich's new book "Two Paths: America Divided or United" goes on sale Tuesday. The book discusses lessons Kasich learned during his failed run for the White House in 2016, faith and leadership.

Some pundits think the governor's book tour and TV appearances signal a potential presidential run in 2020. Kasich admitted during the 2016 campaign that his national recognition was low compared to other candidates.

In his book, Kasich discusses the importance of politicians and Americans coming together for common good. Sunday, the governor sat down with CBS host John Dickerson on Face The Nation.

"It really gets down to living a life that's a little bigger than ourselves," Kasich said. "I think in some sense, we kind of lost it and we need to come together as a nation. We need to focus on the things that bring us together, not the things that divide us, and we need to listen to one another. I wrote this book because I have observed what has been happening in our country. I'm concerned about it, but I believe that with an awakening the country can be refreshed and brought together again."

Kasich also gave President Donald Trump a performance grade as he approaches the 100-day mark in the Oval Office.

"It's incomplete," Kasich told Dickerson. "He's done some things well, and he's done other things that I don't agree with. The story about yanking people out of their homes who have not committed a crime once they've come into this country-- dividing families -- no I don't agree with. I think what he did in Syria was correct. He's seem to have toned down some of these things, but look it's a hundred days John. He's never held public office. He's learning and there's a big learning curve."

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