Firefighter rescues owl tangled in a kite (video)

JACKSON TOWNSHIP, OH (WOIO) - A firefighter from the Jackson Township Fire Department in Stark County performed an unusual rescue Sunday. Crews were called to assist an owl that was tangled in a kite in a tree.

According to the Jackson Township Fire Department, the Great Horned Owl was found in a large blue spruce tree. The owl's wing was severely twisted in the kite's plastic ribbon. Firefighters believed that the owl thrashed around for a while because the tree branches that surrounded the owl were broken and there was a small amount of blood on the limbs.

Jackson Township firefighter Mike Wykoff was eventually able to cut the ribbon away from the owl.

Once the ribbon was completely removed, the rescuers noted that the owl seemed exhausted from the struggle and appeared like it looked like it may fall from the tree. A park ranger was called to the scene and transported the owl in a blanket and carrier to a nearby bird sanctuary for recovery.

(Photo source: Jackson Township Fire Department Facebook)

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