Brecksville family gets no help with constant flooding

BRECKSVILLE, OH (WOIO) - Megan Ronsky and her husband Jason have a problem, and are frustrated that no one will help. Their yard floods when there is a heavy rain. It
is like a river at times. Their home has been flooded, their cars ruined, and they even have sandbags ready for the next time it rains.

Video taken by Megan dramatically shows the problem. She described it this way. "There's a huge wall of water that comes raging toward us and so it's not on our property, but the water comes to us from another location."

Megan has complained repeatedly starting in 2014. Eventually, the city did a study but took no action, according to Megan. "All they did was offer suggestions and then the city council turned it down. So we're kind of not sure what to do next."

She and her husband spent $8000 on a retaining wall and drainage system which was one of the city's suggestion. As a video taken last week clearly
shows, it did no good.

There is another fear for Megan. "If this happens at night or if we're not home, there's no way we can protect our home."

Her home is at the bottom of a hill and she feels a possible source is near the top; a huge asphalt parking lot at the Cuyahoga Valley Christian Church. It is in Broadview Heights and not far away on Wallings Road. The Church has no retention pond, and is named as a partial source of run-off in the city report. The city engineer calls the run-off a major concern.

Another problem is that the fast flowing water picks up and then leaves a lot of sticks and leaves, which clogs storm drain so that water passes right by. The water has ruined carpet and drywall. Megan is frustrated but upbeat. "I don't know anyone else that has 20 sand bags on hand."

Cleveland 19's calls to the city of Brecksville for comment have not been returned.

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