Black bear tracks spotted in township near Geneva

MADISON VILLAGE, OH (WOIO) - People in Madison are on high alert after black bear tracks have been spotted around the community.

The village of Madison is about 6 miles west of Geneva, Ohio.

Local police say they've received notice from two homeowners Since Saturday detailing bear tracks in their backyards near their bird feeders. Police put a message out on its Facebook page, and though no one has actually seen the black bear, they want folks to be aware.

The Ohio Division of Natural Resources reports that mating season doesn't typically begin until June.

This past May, "Akron Bear" was spotted roaming northeast Ohio -- it even had its own Twitter account.

Madison residents are being warned to be on the lookout and not agitate the animal. Those who see the bear should stay calm, back slowly away, and give the bear plenty of space to leave the area.

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