Recordings detail officers' version of Tamir Rice shooting, 'pulling the gun out'

DOWNTOWN CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - The city of Cleveland has released interviews by detectives investigating the police shooting of Tamir Rice.

There are 90 minutes of questions and answers posed to officers Frank Garmback and Timothy Loehmann. Their involvement began when Tamir was playing with his airsoft gun, pointing it at people. They got the code one call, with Garmback driving to the scene and Loehmann training as his partner.

Garmback said he gave advice to Loehmann.

"This is a gun run, be prepared for the worst-case scenario. I said have your gun un-holstered, already on your lap," Garmback said on the recording.

As they approached the gazebo, Loehmann says he saw danger and described it to detectives.

"He turns around and notices our zone car, you know, approaching him," Loehmann said on the recording. "The male immediately stands up and he grabs the gun off the table and shoves it in his waist."

As the police car got closer, Loehmann says he cracked the passenger door and began to shout for Tamir to show his hands and to freeze. Tamir did

"As he's turning, he looks at me and he lifts up his shirt and he takes his other hand and reaches down and pulls up, begins to pull up a weapon. A black gun," Loehmann said.

Garmback agrees.

"I could see him pulling the gun out of his waistband. I don't know if I was in the car or out of the car. I could still see him through the window. I heard shots," Garmback said.

Loehmann believes he fired from about 10 feet away and says he felt great danger.

"I thought I was gonna die," Loehmann said on the recording.

He was then asked why he felt that way.

"Because he had a weapon, you know, that at close proximity, and he was gonna use it against us," Loehmann said.

Loehmann remained calm during the interview. At times Garmback had to pause, especially when seeing Tamir on the ground, and realizing he was a juvenile.

"I get on radio, I tell them, 'Speed it up, speed it up,' and they didn't," Garmback said. "It doesn't seem there's anything going on. I don't know. Take your time. I can see this kid's eyes rolling to the back of his head."

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