Wedding Wednesday, Week #2: The Wedding Dress

Wedding Wednesday, Week #2: Picking the right dress

WILLOUGHBY, OH (WOIO) - I will be the first to admit it, until recently, I'd never really pictured my "big day." I didn't know whether it would be at a church or on a beach…

Scratch that, I knew it would NOT be on a beach because wind and my hair do not get along. (Have you ever walked along the shores of Lake Erie?!)

Would I have a carrot cake or a chocolate cake?

Would I have a band or a DJ?

I had absolutely no idea.

The one thing I was certain of was that I wanted a long, white gown. I had the perfect picture in my mind. Lace sleeves. A V-neck.

Ten minutes after entering the bridal boutique, my Kate Middleton dreams faded away as a store associate passed me the total opposite of what I'd always envisioned myself wearing.

I let the saleswoman dress me in all varieties of gowns: princess, A-line, mermaid, trumpet. Guess what? I loved ALL of them. (Especially the one I ended up choosing!)

That cold February day I quickly learned that the modern bride needs to be open-minded when she walks into that store. There's a whole world of tulle, lace, taffeta, organza, crinoline, and more, waiting to be draped across your figure.

If I'd never let the wonderful ladies at the bridal store show me some other options, I would have never found the gown I ended up choosing.

Brides: Embrace the dress search! Have fun with it!

As I mentioned above, I purchased my dress earlier this year. There were no video cameras, no professional photographers, and no TV lights.

But I had such a blast doing it, I decided to go shopping a second time. This time, just for fun and with a photographer in tow! (I shoved my wallet into the VERY bottom of my purse. My mother would fall over if I purchased a second dress!)

Nichole Vrsansky, Jamie Sullivan, and I hopped on I-90 East and headed out to Willoughby.

Watch the story and hear the giggles on Cleveland 19 Wednesday morning.

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