Netflix series '13 Reasons Why' could help adults understand teen struggles, students say

School sends warning because of Netflix drama

BRUNSWICK, OH (WOIO) - A fictional series on Netflix called "13 Reasons Why" covers issues that real-life teenagers are struggling with, like bullying, depression, and suicide.

The story focuses on a suicide told through tapes a young woman leaves behind. It's 13 hours of intense drama that kids are often binge-watching all at once.

This show is heavy -- and it's not just local buzz, it's making headlines all over the country. Many mental health professionals want parents to use this opportunity and start having conversations about teen suicide.

"The show is really good and all and I could relate to our high school and I've seen stuff like that happen and it's been around, it really relates to it," said Brunswick High student Dylan Gould.

And he's not the only northeast Ohio student who feels this way. The show, based on a 2007 book, depicts the story of a high school girl who leaves behind tapes after committing suicide. Teenagers all over the country are watching it and the adults have noticed.

Brunswick City Schools sent out a letter warning parents. It also has phone numbers and contact info for Mental Health Resources.

Students say "13 Reasons Why" could actually help raise awareness and give adults a clue.

"It's basically how people are in the high school. People get bullied and that's what she did but not everybody has to do it like that. I mean, suicide is not the only way. It's not. There's other ways of dealing with things in life, there's always something good about it," Stepen Brooks.

Mental health professionals encourage parents to talk with students about how they are feeling. If anyone needs help, they can call the tip line at 844-723-3764.

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