WATCH: Video of Gareon Conley at bar seems to contradict Cleveland police report

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - New video has surfaced from a Cleveland bar that seems to contradict a Cleveland police report in the Gareon Conley investigation.

There's no disputing where Conley was the early morning of April 9. He can be seen on video wearing white cap and sunglasses at a jam-packed Barley House in Cleveland's Warehouse District.

The dispute is where Conley and his accuser first met that night.

According to the police report, the accuser says she met Conley while riding up the elevator at the Westin Hotel.

Surveillance video obtained by Cleveland 19 seems to contradict her story. In the video, a woman is seen walking out of Barley House with friends at closing. Conley is right beside her. Her face has been blurred in the video attached to this story.

Moments later, Conley and the woman can be seen right outside the bar. It appears he briefly puts his arm around her. Conley begins to walk away, and the accuser and her group follow behind.

In a prepared statement released Wednesday afternoon, Conley says he has, "video evidence that further (discredits and disproves) other versions" of the events.

It's unclear if Conley is referencing the video attached to this story or whether other video exists.

In Conley's statement, he says: "Things being said about me and what happened that night are not true and don't fit my character at all."

Conley goes on to say: "It's sad that your name can get dragged through the mud based upon untrue and malicious allegations alone."

Conley says he's "confident" his name will be cleared.

The NFL Draft starts Thursday night around 8 p.m. Conley said he won't be attending the event in Philadelphia because he doesn't want to be a "distraction" to the NFL.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Cleveland 19 does not name alleged victims in police reports. Cleveland 19 normally does not name people in police reports who are not charged with a crime, but because Conley released the statement himself on the issue his name is included in this story.

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