Nearly everybody agrees: Draft Myles Garrett first

PHILADELPHIA, PA (WOIO) - There are a million opinions about what the Browns do tonight, but drafting Myles Garrett first overall is about the only thing that everybody agrees on. It'll feel like this draft will really start when the Niners go on the clock at No. 2, and they will impact what the Browns do at No. 12. They could take a QB at No. 2, the Bears could do it at three, the Jaguars at four, the Jets at six... and maybe even teams like Buffalo and New Orleans could grab QBs before the Browns get back on the clock at 12.

And here's where the mock drafts can drive you nuts. I've seen them where three quarterbacks are taken before the Browns get back on the clock at 12. I've seen them where not one quarterback is taken in the first round! Mock drafts are like polls around election time. Everybody has one, and you can find one to say whatever you want. They're totally unreliable. They are also all we have to go on.

So buckle up. The fun starts at 8 p.m., and things should get very interesting right after the Browns make that first overall pick.

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